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Ad for The Venus Moon

Originally released as, " Alexandra Chauran Venus Moon Ad" by Faith vs Faith Productions on 3/16/2010. Transcript follows:

Alexandra Chauran
Fortune Teller | Seattle

Alexandra Chauran: We're here at The Venus Moon, which is a metaphysical bookstore in downtown Renton at 226 Main Avenue South and they let me use a little room in here, so that I can do readings. They also offer a lot of other things. They have a beautiful area for people to meditate, if they want. They have several metaphysical supplies such as candles that people can use for meditation or even spell-work. They also have a lot of gemstones, which each have uses for magic and other purposes. Of course, you can find my business card right here, you'll wanna' take one, and a lot of oils and other things. Let's see, we can go over here to the books.

      Here you can pick out a deck of tarot cards. It doesn't matter what deck you choose, really, although I prefer ones with 78 cards. A lot of people just come into the store and choose which one feels right or which one looks right. There are many books on all different topics from astrology to other forms of divination and even parenting with a spiritual edge! And, of course, right here you've got your encyclopedia on magic spells; Everything from banishing werewolves, I saw in here earlier, to sacred midwives' spells!
226 Main Ave S
Renton, WA
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