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Tea Leaf readings

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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved. Originally published on 6/20/2008 in PsyBlog.

      Tasseography, tasseomancy and tassology are all words that include the ancient practice of divination through tea leaves. As a very small child, I began divination through tea-leaf reading and palm reading, but the tea leaves were, if you'll excuse the pun, my favorite, hands down! Perhaps it was the fact that I got hooked on tea when I was in England, or perhaps it is the freedom of interpretation that this art allows, but I have loved tasseography ever since. Nine years ago I licensed my business to practice tea leaf reading, as well as other forms of divination, and I'm happy to say that tea leaf readings are enjoying a renewed popularity right now!

      A couple of weeks ago I was hired as a tea leaf reader for a bridal shower. The event was decorated in the same high-class fashion as one might observe when taking in the ceremony of high tea. Lovely chocolates, scones and traditional finger sandwiches with fillings such as cucumber or salmon were served. Though the bride to be expressed her disappointment that I wasn't a male stripper, everyone agreed that this was a much better form of entertainment once the festivities got started!

      If you can look up at clouds in the sky and see their shapes turn into things that you recognize, then you can practice tea leaf reading! Begin by using lose-leaf tea in a round-bottomed teacup. Sip as much of the liquid out as you can without drinking the leaves. When you are ready, swirl the cup around thrice clockwise and turn it over onto a saucer.

      When you then gaze into your cup, the shapes near the bottom represent things in the past or close to the present and the shapes near the edge of the cup represent the distant future! If you need to call a psychic to help you learn this art, select one with experience in tea leaf reading or dream interpretation. Since you are the one seeing the symbols, you will be the one to whom the symbols relate, not the reader, so be prepared to learn how to read what is in your own cup! Bookmark and Share

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