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Should I? - What the Magic 8-Ball Isn't Telling You

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved. Originally published as "Tarot: What The Magic 8-Ball Isn't Telling You" under the category Tarot Readings on 6/20/2008 in PsyBlog.

      Ah, it was so much simpler when all the answers I needed in life were "yes," "no," and "cannot predict now!" I think I actually spoiled parties when I was in my early teens and could already read the tarot with a high degree of skill. My friend wanted to know, right then and there, whether Bobby liked her and would go out with her and would marry her forever and ever! She wanted a yes or no answer without a "but" or an "if!"

      The true power of the tarot is in those "buts" and "ifs!" As we each craft our destiny, the tarot cards can show us what we need to do in order for our dreams to come true. If you're a frequent tarot client, you may have noticed that the same cards might tend to "follow" you for a period of time as you work through certain issues. When I'm giving an in-person reading, I often take all of the upside-down cards and turn them right-side up and tell the client with a wink, "this is what your reading should look like in a month's time if you play your cards right!"

      No, life isn't as simple as when we were little kids, but it isn't as limiting either! Now you can arm yourself with the knowledge and guidance you need to make your grandest ideas manifest! Just like everything else in life, if you want your desires to happen, you have to put the work in! But, if you're still just looking for a "yes" or "no" answer, I highly recommend the Magic 8-Ball! Bookmark and Share

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