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Alexandra on Shoroba

Originally released as, " Me or Your Dog? - Coming In Second (To A Dog) " by Shoroba on 11/11/2010. Transcript follows:

Shoroba “because relationships matter

Brandon: Hello, and welcome to Shoroba, we have another email submission this week entitled “Me or Your Dog: Take Your Pick.” “My name is Bill, and I’ve just about had it with my wife and her dog, Fifi. I think she loves that darn thing more than me, and I’m tired of being second to a dog. I find myself thinking about other women, and how great it would be to be first on someone’s list. I still love my wife, but it has come to a point where I think that she really doesn’t love me any more. What’s your recommendation?”

KP: Welcome to Shoroba, today we’re talking about an email entitled: “Me or Your Dog: Take Your Pick.” I’m KP, and on the panel today we have...

Alexandra Chauran I’m Alexandra.

Brandon: I’m Brandon

Giselle: Hi, I’m Giselle.

KP: And dude, seriously?

Brandon: Well.

KP: He needs to have a conversation with his wife.

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah.

Brandon: Well, I really sympathize with this guy, and he’s asking specifically what he should do. And my recommendation, would just find the biggest plastic bag you can, stuff the dog in it, and just drop it off...

All: Oh! / No!

Brandon: Get rid of the dog...

KP: Do you have a pet?

Brandon: I do, I have a turtle.

KP: Okay, so let’s say I put your turtle in a bag because I thought you paid too much attention to it.

Brandon: It’s an animal. I would get over it.

Giselle: There’s a big difference between your soft, cuddly dog and your husband, and if your husband feels like he’s competing with your dog, then he needs to figure out how to be a stronger, more masculine husband. Because that’s a little fuzzy dog that you hug with.

Brandon: That’s true, but she’s projecting human characteristics onto the dog.

Giselle: I’m sorry, but I have three dogs...

KP: She doesn’t have any kids...

Alexandra Chauran: I have a hard time sympathizing with the husband because, you know, let your wife have a life. I mean, you don’t have to be co-dependent here.

Giselle: That’s what I think! If you feel threatened by the dog, then you need to work on your masculine...

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, I agree with that.

KP: I don’t.

Brandon: ...Sensitive. Yeah it’s possible. But it’s also quite possible that she’s just putting pressure...

KP: Totally crazy.

Brandon: And totally crazy. There are people like that, who just think of these little dogs as little people.

Alexandra Chauran: The line that made me totally disagree with that is, “I’m starting to look at other women” because you pay attention to your dog. And I think that, come on, we all need to have lives, we don’t need to be co-dependent, and if you’re looking at other women because she looks at her dog, that is messed up.

Giselle: Guys, you really need to work on your husbandry, and your sense of being a man. Because the truth is, little Fifi should be your little favourite dog, too. You shouldn’t feel like your wife has her little favourite dog over here. You need to make Fifi your favourite little dog, so that both of you can cuddle with Fifi, kick her out of bed, and make love.

KP: I think you need to talk to your wife. I thinks he needs to know that, and as some of us might say, this is therapy, we need to have therapy here. We should probably have couple’s therapy...

Alexandra Chauran: Well, obviously there’s a deeper issue here. This is way too ridiculous to be the main issue.

Brandon: The dog has become the focal point of a bigger issue...

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah.

Giselle: The dog’s not necessarily an issue unless she’s peeing all over the bed, then she’s an issue...

KP: She’s an issue to the husband, which makes her the issue, which is the manifestation of what the real problem is. We don’t know what the real problem is. We just know that it’s manifesting in her loving this dog, or making the husband feel like she loves the dog more.

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, it’s these annoying behaviours that add up in a marriage. KP: Yes!

Giselle: I think actually he, what he really needs to do is go “honey we’re going out on a date, and Fifi gets to stay home. And honey you and I are going to go out on a date and get back to the intimacy that we wanna’ have.” And quit picking on little Fifi, she’s just a little dog, she probably doesn’t even know what she’s doing half the time.

KP: Well, I don’t necessarily think that it’s her. I agree that they should go out on a date with the expressed goal of having a conversation about the fact that he feels unloved in this relationship

Giselle: Well maybe they just need to go out dancing and spend an hour dancing in each others’ arms, and then there won’t be this “I don’t think she loves me” nonsense. Spend an hour giving each other hugs and kisses. You’ll get over it.

Alexandra Chauran: And my advice for him too is, in addition to spending time together, is he needs to get himself a hobby. You know? She’s got her dog, that’s her hobby, and I think that he needs to have his special time. Not with another woman, maybe, but certainly with something else that he cares about.

Giselle: Spend that extra time with Fifi, and then make your wife jealous that you’re spending that extra time with Fifi!

KP: Well, we all have an opinion about what he should do, but definitely we think that he should talk to his wife about it. They should maybe go out on a date. We should not throw any animals in a bag!

Brandon: Plastic bag! A thick plastic bag!

Alexandra Chauran: No animals were killed during the shooting of this.

KP: Maybe he should get a hobby, perhaps he should spend more time with the dog, but really what we want to know is what you think. So come on and join the discussion.

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Shoroba “because relationships matter”
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