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Certified Professional Reader

      On 12/1/2000 Dr. Alexandra Chauran was certified by the Tarot Certification Board as a Professional Tarot Reader. She was required to take an in-person examination to receive certification. Dr. Chauran's business has held licenses in the state of Washington and the cities of of Bellevue, Issaquah, and Renton. As a proud, second-generation professional fortune-teller, her mother and Dr. Chauran have both become members of the American Tarot Association. On 3/8/2001 Dr. Chauran was certified by Psi Palatium as a handpicked certified Psychic reader. She has experience writing horoscopes for publications such as SexHerald and and working for many major hotlines, including the Psychic Power Network and Most Gifted Psychics. Dr. Chauran has been a guest on radio and television broadcasts. Dr. Chauran was an active member of the Renton Chamber of Commerce for five years until her move to Issaquah, a member of the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce for two years, and a member of the Washington State Holistic Chamber of Commerce for the entirety of its existence.

Academic Doctor

      Dr. Alexandra Chauran achieved a doctoral degree from Valdosta State University in May of 2016.

Award-Winning Certified Counselor and Teacher

      Dr. Alexandra Chauran is a published author who holds a Masters degree in teaching from Seattle University and was awarded a certificate to teach in Washington state. She was the recipient of the 2007-2008 Classroom Partner Program Award from Facing the Future and was a participant and sponsor for her local Chamber of Commerce's Business in Education program from 2009 through 2011. In 2010 she was certified by the World Bank Institute as a Social Innovator for "changing the world." Dr. Chauran has been a Registered Counselor in the state of Washington from 2003-2010 and a Certified Counselor in the state of Washington from 2010-2015 (Note: Chauran is not qualified to diagnose or treat any disease and does not sell health care). On October 11th, 2003, she was awarded the Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Royal Life Saving Society. This honor was due, in part, to her counseling work. On 2/22/2001 she was certified in counseling techniques and at a master's level in listening skills by the internationally accredited Brainbench assessment and certification.

Ordained Clergy

      Dr. Alexandra Chauran was initiated as a Priestess of the Kingstone path of British Traditional Wicca on 2/11/2006, elevated to the rank of High Priestess on 2/1/2009 and Elder on 8/30/2012, so she does not sell Wiccan training or spell Work as a part of her oaths as a clergy member of her tradition. She also holds previous ordaination certificates from the Universal Life Church and the Correllian Nativist Tradition. She has completed Clinical Pastoral Education at the University of Washington and volunteers as a Chaplain at Harborview and UWMC in Seattle.

Photo of Dr. Alexandra Chauran by Kyle Cassidy
Photo by Kyle Cassidy

But someone, too, must sell the magic beans;
Must sing a doom glissando when the Banshee calls in sick;
Must know the wires to pluck when a time machine needs breaking,
And how to osmose secrets into a dreamer's head.
It's not so easy to sit in flames and crackle visions of never-cities;
Not so simple to wait beyond the sky carrying a bag full of legends.
But we do it because, If we did not, you would be boring And we would be bored.
"No," whispers the ink-lit night, "It's the other way around."

~Author Unknown

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