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Photo of Alexandra Chauran by Kyle Cassidy
Photo by Kyle Cassidy
        Book crystal ball readings, tea leaf readings or tarot readings for your bridal shower, private party or corporate event! You provide the good people and location and Alexandra will provide the readings all around! Choose either affordable option:

A.) Pay an hourly rate and expenses and your guests enjoy unlimited readings! Call or email for a quote.

B.) For non-commercial clients, When 10+ people attend parties in select areas during business hours, you can opt to have attendees pay for individual readings and gift certificates in lieu of the hourly rate! The host, hostess or guest of honour earns a free one-card tarot reading for each $100 spent and party booked from his or her party! Imagine having a birthday party or bridal shower in which the guest of honour gets more and more gifts as the night goes on!

Pricing Examples:
1.) Crystal wanted to pay for an hour of my time in Issaquah. We met in my office and three good friends each pooled $20 so that they could buy a $60 hour (+$20 deposit) of readings during their lunch break and return refreshed to their respective work days!
2.) Lake Street Nightclub paid $350 per hour for unlimited free readings for their customers from 9P.M. until midnight on Halloween. Their customers were amazed and astounded by tarot and crystal ball readings, and other than tips, didn't have to spend a dime! Lake Street Nightclub got plenty of promotional milage out of their event to boot!
3.) Mary planned a stupendous party for her best friend before her wedding. The bridal shower was a "high tea" themed party with sandwiches and a tea leaf reader! Since she lived in California, she paid about $200 for my plane tickets as well as $600 for the day. Hundreds of friends and family attended the event, and enjoyed the notable entertainment for the afternoon!

Call or email to book a party: (206) 9-SEE-PSYCHIC

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