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Quick Facts: Who? What? Why? When? Where?

  • For Journalists, Reporters, Bloggers and other Writers

  • Dr. Alexandra Chauran is available immediately as an expert in the psychic industry by email, or, by appointment, telephone or in-person.* Ask about paranormal investigations and predictions about celebrities, the economy, politics and other public affairs!

          Example Print Press Coverage
                Seattle Weekly
                Colorado Springs Gazette

  • For Radio Producers and Interviewers

  • Dr. Alexandra Chauran is available quickly by appointment by telephone or in-person* for radio broadcasts. Alexandra is eloquent, succinct, insightful and articulate on pre-recorded or live broadcasts and call-in psychic readings!

          Example Radio Broadcasts
                National Public Radio

  • For Television Documentary and Reality, News and other Unscripted Producers

  • Alexandra Chauran is available as soon as possible by appointment in-person.* Dr. Chauran is captivating, energetic, composed and experienced on pre-recorded or live broadcasts and psychic readings!

          Example Videos
                A Girl On A Mission TV

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