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LuvChat Appearance

Episode by Jim "Poorman" Trenton. Originally broadcast on LuvChat on 6/15/2009. Transcripts of excerpts follow:

Alexandra Chauran: Tonight I'll be using the tarot cards which is a deck of seventy-eight cards that represent different stages of the human experience, and when they're laid out in specific spreads, they can tell your story. So, what I invite callers to do is to think up a topic of focus or a question that they'd like answered by their reading, but, if they don't have one that's okay too, I can do general readings.

Jim "Poorman" Trenton: Okay, how is it that you can tell? You can sort of sort of feel the vibration of their voice? Or, what exactly... How do you do it? Were you just sort of born with this ability?

Alexandra Chauran: Well, my mother is also a professional fortune teller, so I guess it runs in the family a bit. But I won't be sucking any information through the Internet wires this day! I'll be using the tarot cards, and like I said it's a system of divination, let's see if I can hold up the cards.


Solax10: She broke up with me today.

Jim "Poorman" Trenton: She broke up with you?

Solax10: Yeah.

Jim "Poorman" Trenton: Aw! Everybody, Aw! Why'd she break up with you?

Solax10: She says I'm too boring. [...]

Jim "Poorman" Trenton: Was this the girl that your brother was hitting on too?

Solax10: No, that was some other guy.

Jim "Poorman" Trenton: So, did you wanna' ask Alexandra what she's feeling about this?

Solax10: Um, sure.

Alexandra Chauran: All-righty, I can give you a tarot reading on that as well. Are you still hung up on this one or do you want to look into any other people that might be in your future as well?

Solax10: Any other, like, relationships, yeah!


Alexandra Chauran: All right BoogerBoy, do you happen to have a question or a topic of focus for your reading?

Jarrod "BoogerBoyMeister:" Yeah, I have a question. Last year I lost my dad. He passed away on the fourth of July and I never really found out how he died.

Alexandra Chauran: Wow, I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my dad as well. He died of cancer, himself. So are you looking at... What do you want to know about your dad?

Jarrod "BoogerBoyMeister:" Just a matter of what he died from, because he just died so suddenly.

Alexandra Chauran: Well, I drew three cards for you, and two of them are cards of the suit of Cups. And the suit of Cups, it represents a number of health issues that can occur. Of course, I'm not a doctor, I have to have that little disclaimer. This kind of situation can occur often times the Ace of Cups and the King of Cups represent the kind of things that a person's taking in over a long course of time. Things that can be harmful to them. Sometimes this even comes up with substance abuse. But more often this will come up when there is a long period of a lifestyle that has not been entirely perfect. Not to say anything bad about your dad, we all have bad times we all, you know, do things that are not perfect for our health. This tarot card represents somebody who is very emotionally strong in that sense but can be physically weakened. The Ace of Cups inverted in the past shows that it is something that has happened for a long time... This is something that was begun long before there could have been anything done to necessarily stop it. It is something that he actually chose to do for a long period of time. That can be something that can actually be good for you to hear because you need to know that it is something he chose to do and chose to undertake that might have brought about this lifetime's end. My dad, when he was dying, the doctors told him "stop eating the Chinese food, I mean, it's bringing your cholesterol through the roof!" But he said, you know, "I'd rather die than stop eating Chinese food" so hey that's up to him.

Jim "Poorman" Trenton: So specifically what do you think his dad died from then?

Alexandra Chauran: I'm no doctor, so I can't say that. But when this card comes up traditionally it has meant substance abuse, but it can mean intaking things that are unhealthy for him. This looks like something that has been going on for a long time. And since it was a surprise to the family I can infer that it's something that he has been taking in, so an unhealthy lifestyle. It could have been just the foods he ate or things that brought him to a state of being that led to ultimately him ending his life in that way. And it's not necessarily meaning that it wasn't his time to go. It just means that there were some factors that contributed to his death.

Jim "Poorman" Trenton: Does that sound logical to you BoogerBoyMeister?

Jarrod "BoogerBoyMeister:" I can kinda' believe it. I think it was his heart broke about it.

Alexandra Chauran: And the last card here is the King of Wands. And the King of Wands, like I said has to do with emotional strength, the King of Wands represents strength of passion. And so it represents people who have a strong heart, and people who do throw everything they have into their lives and into their decisions. When it is in this position it can indicate an incorrect direction of passion. So certainly if you do think it is a heart condition, that might have been a triggering influence, but I don't think that was all of it. I think there were definitely a lot of factors that contributed, so you know, sometimes when it's your time to go, it's your time to go.

Jarrod "BoogerBoyMeister:" Okay, well thank you

Jarrod "BoogerBoyMeister:" They had a fortune teller on there last night. She read my fortune. I asked about my dad's death and how he died. I got a pretty crazy response about that. I really don't know how to explain that! Sounds like, something about substance abuse and all this other stuff. I'll try to record it and put it on there. But it was pretty crazy. I hope my dad didn't overdose on pain pills. I really hope he didn't. Because the day before he died he said, "I'm not worth shit anymore." And he just went to his room and he didn't say anything. And then the next morning I talked to him and he was fine. And then later in the afternoon he wasn't fine. He was gone. So I hope to God he didn't take them pain pills and overdose and die. I really don't know. I'll probably never know until the day I die. And I'll find out one day. That was pretty crazy. And she was really right about the health issues. My dad had a lot of health issues, so I don't think the fortune teller was joking around, I think she was the real deal. And I'm very sorry to hear about your dad too, Alexandra the fortune teller. I know how you feel. That's terrible when you lose your dad. Bookmark and Share

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