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Discovery - Confirmation - Empowerment

      The last three weeks have been one of the worst times in my life! I prayed to God for answers to help me cope, and through Him he directed me to the Psychic Center where I saw your message that you would give one free reading for a testimonial.

      I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. What an understatement! You gave me one free reading as promised, and two subsequent readings after that for the most reasonable price I could ever hope to imagine! What I mean is that for ten dollars you gave me insight and information that you couldn't ever put a monetary price on! After last night's two readings I want you to know I slept like I haven't slept in the longest time! The weight I had been carrying on me lifted and today I don't have the pain that was in the middle of my chest!

      While some people could think that the readings weren't positive, even you felt they weren't, they were extremely positive! Truth is always positive whether you want to hear it or not! I was going around in circles because the man that I love had suddenly stopped talking to me and since he lives about four-hundred miles away from me I had no way of knowing where he was, or what he was thinking and doing.

      It was a thick cloud of immobilization, overwhelming sadness, doubt, and not knowing what to do. You came in and, like the wind from the storm over the ocean, you blew away that fog and suddenly everything was crystal clear! I could see the stars, the moon and yes even the sun again!

      Another way to put it: It was like I had the outline to a story and you came along and filled in all the blanks and made the book. The outline was a series of boxes and it was too far to jump to the next box so you made the "bridges" with which I was able to connect the boxes together and make one long pathway!

      You took my hand and showed me the whole picture, and things I had instinctively knew but couldn't put together, and showed me things I didn't know and altogether they made sense. It wasn't a "magic fix," but once I had answers I was able to decide what I could do or not do. So instead of going around in circles I could stop and point myself in the right direction and get started with trying to decide what I should do and what path I should go on.

      How do you thank someone who has lifted the cloud from your eyes and allowed you to see the sun once more? God has been so good to me! I prayed and prayed and He showed me so many things and led me to someone He gave gifts to "see," because while He could tell me in my heart He knew [that you] could tell me in earthly terms.

      You made me understand why the man that I love was acting like he was, what was driving him to do what he has been doing, and to understand what I could do to try to make it better! Knowledge is the power to do something about your situation. I could decide to do nothing, or I could decide to do something, but I was given the choice.

      To feel helpless and not being able to do anything is the worst feeling imaginable! So to that end, I will be eternally thankful to you for letting me "see" the whole picture and now I know what paths I can take to do something about my situation.

Eternally Grateful,

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