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Kid Drug Use Prevention Radio PSA

Produced by Total Broadcasting, originally broadcast on Smooth Jazz 98.9 Seattle on 2/15/2010. Download an MP3.

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      EarthShod and fortune teller Alexandra Chauran asks parents to talk with your children about the dangers of drugs. Help destroy the myths and lies that teens have been hearing from their classmates for decades.

      Your kids have probably been told that drugs like marijuana and ecstacy are not addictive, however, numerous studies say otherwise. In fact, people continue to take these drugs despite unpleasant side effects and other social, behavioural and heath consequences. Another myth is that everybody does it. Yet repeated studies and surveys of teens put the highest percentage of those that use drugs at no more than 25%. EarthShod says tell your teens, "3 out of 4 teens can't be wrong, don't do drugs."

      This Total Broadcasting message is from EarthShod and fortune teller Alexandra Chauran. If you have questions about your personal love life or your business future, get a reading from fortune teller Alexandra Chauran. On the web, go to or call (206) 9-SEE-PSYCHIC. That's (206) 9-SEE-PSYCHIC! Bookmark and Share

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