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How To Prepare For A Psychic Job Interview

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2009, Psychic Jobs Online, all rights reserved. Originally published in 2009 in Psychic Jobs Online.

      My least successful interview wasn't my first interview for a psychic job, so I knew what to expert when I showed up at the home of a local psychic fair baroness. I knew that I would be asked about my background and experience, and I knew that I would be asked to perform a test reading for her. As the reading began, it would seem that things were going swimmingly! She gasped in amazement and quickly diverted from the usual general reading format to a discussion about a decision that she was making. So fulfilled by the reading she was, she leaped out of her seat, to make a phone call to somebody in the reading. Afterwards, I was all set to show up to her next psychic show, but she said, "oh, no, you're too young. The clients won't trust you." It had all been a waste of my time! Years later, when her reader numbers dwindled, she called me, asking me to work for her. I told her I was too old for such games!

      Most psychic job interviewers aren't nearly so trying, but here are a few tips and tricks to let you know what to expect and how to prevent your interview from being so disastrous! The first things you should be prepared for are questions regarding your background and experience. My tip for you is to remember who you are talking with here! You might be accustomed to taking such questions from clients by answering with a long explanation designed to help a client understand how a psychic comes to be. Your interviewer is familiar with psychics already and doesn't want to hear your life's story! Rather, he or she is probing to understand what belief systems inform your readings and in what contexts you've already gained a comfortable rapport with clients doing readings.

      This is the first point in your interview where your honesty will be tested, so do not let yourself down! For example, if you believe that the tarot cards are merely a psychological tool representing Jungian archetypes, now is not the time to weave an elaborate lie about how you talk to Angels or were initiated into witchcraft and magically receive messages from the divine! Likewise, if you hear voices from Gods, it is important not to dumb-down your beliefs and just say you're a simple astrologer. Believing that you are a psychic to a "crazy" degree, or not believing that you are "psychic" at all in the traditional sense, will not immediately ruin your chances as an employee. However, be aware that your interviewer may be helping the company build your profile, and it is important that you don't start a snowball of dishonesty that ends up in some poor client's lap!

      The second part of the interview process may be the most anxiety inducing; the test reading! Your interviewer will begin by requesting a general reading for you. The key here is to start in the way that best showcases your strengths. If you use a divinatory system, start your reading in a way that requires the least information from the querent. For example, astrology or numerology might not be the best way to start, since asking a series of even reasonable questions might make you seem like you're stalling, at best, or cold reading, at worst! If you have a number of other choices of ways to read, begin in the way you are the most comfortable and fluid. This may be a reading style or divination tool with which you have the most experience. Then, push yourself by moving on to another style or tool that may be unique or rare to your interviewer, even if you are less skilled with it. Your interviewer is looking for somebody who is relaxed and comfortable reading, but also somebody who might draw additional clients to their line or keep clients coming back for more! So, for example, if you are very comfortable with tarot cards, you can begin with a tarot reading to showcase your experience, and then shift at a natural point into a rune casting to highlight your growth and diversity as a reader.

      After you've blown them away with your reading, don't be afraid to ask questions about the company! Take notes as you ask what pay rate they will offer you to start and what is the maximum pay you can expect to receive. Press to find out if you are expected to collect client information or perform any other job function besides reading. Find out the time commitment required. They know that, as a skilled and talented reader, you have a wide range of choices as to which company to choose, so make them work to convince you that they are the right company for the job!

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