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Charitable Giving Radio PSA

Produced by Total Broadcasting, originally broadcast on News Talk 97.3 FM Seattle on 12/16/2011. Download an MP3.

Thanks for listening to this! fortune teller Alexandra Chauran reminds you that more than 40,000,000 Americans live in poverty; nearly 13,000,000 of them are children. The causes of poverty are numerous and debatable, but no one can argue that, when it comes to poor children, for poor children it's never their fault. When a child lives in poverty, they suffer nutritionally and educationally, and their future is far bleaker than that of other children.

      Alexandra Chauran says, during this special season, let's make sure all of them can celebrate, or at least have a nice holiday meal. Give the gift of food, clothing, time or money to a Puget Sound organization helping families and brighten the season for the children.

      This Total Broadcasting message is from EarthShod and fortune teller Alexandra Chauran. If you have questions about your personal love life or your business future, get a reading from fortune teller Alexandra Chauran. On the web, go to, or call 206-9-SEE-PSYCHIC, that's 206-9-S-E-E PSYCHIC for Alexandra Chauran of Bookmark and Share

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