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Painful Memories

Email reading shared with client permission.

Andrew: When I was 3-4, I was molested. I sought help within the health field, and I got help for the actual events that happened, but for closure (not revenge) I need to know who did it. I've contacted my spirit guides, I've tried to remember through dreams, remote viewing on myself, and so on. I can see the entire event from start to finish, but I can't see a face, and therefore no name. Thank you so much for agreeing to help me.

Alexandra: Thank you for trusting me to read for you on this matter. I hope my readings will bring you closer to the closure you seek. I'll begin with a tarot reading to bring forth some information on the events and then follow with a crystal ball reading to fill in any gaps.

The situation is shown by the inverted Ten of Swords and the Three of Cups. Though the molestation was disturbing and painful at the time, it looks as if it were perpetrated by somebody who you knew prior to the molestation as a friend of the family. Before it happened is the Five of Wands and the Ace of Wands. This shows a male who doesn't consider himself an evil person, but did take it on as a playful challenge at first and tends to get carried away with passionate and angry emotions.

The Nine of Pentacles and the Princess of Pentacles shows him as self-centered and absorbed in his work. He may have married a shy young woman with dark hair. The Ace of Cups and the inverted Five of Swords shows some emotional turmoil within him caused by a loss. He may have been perpetuating a cycle of abuse. The Nine of Cups though shows that it would have been hard for anyone to suspect him. From the outside, his life looked fine, but something was missing. The Prince of Wands inverted shows him moving far away, perhaps traveling by air. If this card represents him, he has light coloured hair and was not an old man at the time of the abuse.

Now I'll look into the crystal ball to see what it chooses to share with me for you. I saw immediately a boat, showing that this man had communication issues. I also saw an eagle symbol that looked very much like the Eagle from the U.S. Postal Service. It could have something to do with his work or with how he interacted with you. I see the letter "C" in his name. Also a letter "I" was shown. I see a collared but short-sleeved shirt lying on a floor. He had trouble fitting into roles in his life and so he may have shifted through many of them. The number 3 was also shown to me. I see a mushroom, indicating that he used many people throughout life at that time.

Andrew: Thank you for your prompt reply. The letters aren't inspiring a memory in me at this time, but I will talk to spirit and look further for those answers within. I was just wondering what else the eagle can represent. I didn't know if you saw it representing anything spiritually rather than practically?

Alexandra: The Eagle was facing towards the left, which could represent his own past. Traditionally the Eagle represents physical strength and speedy action. It can also represent pride. Regardless of country it can indicate military service or war.

Andrew: Thank you so much Alexandra. You've been immensely helpful... Alexandra helped me with a difficult time of my life, and she did such with extraordinary accuracy, compassion and sensitivity. Bookmark and Share

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