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A Horse On The Run

Email reading shared with client permission.

Haley: I don't have a specific question so much. Someone has just been pushing me to get a reading for a while so there's probably something I'm supposed to know. Also, I share a pony. I just had a call from the livery owner saying that she called out the vet, I've been up and seen him daily and nothing is wrong with him. Did she actually call him out or is she after more money She's also threatening to take him to market to sell and/or lock him in when I try to move him. Will she do this?

Alexandra: For your situation, I drew the inverted Nine of Pentacles influenced by the Princess of Pentacles. Two Pentacles cards right off the bat! That shows that you probably need some messages concerning the material and financial world. It is easy to forget what matters in life and these cards encourage you not to forget your priorities or to abandon projects. Pay attention when you're feeling particularly absorbed in something so that the restlessness is gone. These cards may draw you to study something interesting that you may have been putting off. This card indicates that she was probably telling the truth about calling the vet since this can indicate truthful news about property.

Now for a bit about the past... In your distant past is the King of Wands. Sometimes this card can indicate a person in your life who is passionate but desires independence. Though he's not a bad perosn, he can sometimes seem cruel. When not a person, this card shows some success you had with financial arrangements associated with a relationship. More recently, you have the inverted Two of Pentacles. Sometimes this card can indicate a physical move from one job to another. It can also indicate a more metaphorical move of priorities, such that something that was once very important to you now has to take the back seat, and something less important is now all-consuming.

In your near future is the inverted Four of Swords. You've had a period of waiting or isolation on some matter that will now be coming to an end. Be ready because you can emerge successful, as if getting well from an illness. In the destiny position is the inverted Five of Cups. This shows a desperate need to conclude unfinished business due to the danger of a loss. I think that woman at the livery may do something that takes away your horse from you. She doesn't seem to have the right head on so you need to be careful with her and take her threats seriously! Even if she doesn't carry them out fully or as soon as she might think, she does have some bad things planned. If possible, you should get your horse away from her!

The Ace of Wands represents you right now. Put an idea into practice! This shows a light of inspiration that you've had that needs to be manifest! This card indicates birth, of new life and ideas. The inverted Queen of Wands internally warns you to be careful of people who are jealous of what you have, as they can be damaging. Be careful yourself as you have a way with your words and actions that can be far-reaching and linger with people for a long time. Externally, the Nine of Cups shows you may need a time of relaxation and celebration. Treat and pamper yourself. Perhaps there are some friends you need to reconnect with. Your final card is the Seven of Wands. You may find yourself in a conflict situation, always trying to get the better hand. Since you're sharp, you can put yourself at the advantage, but you may need to do some introspection to find out if there's an internal battle that is the engine driving this external conflict.

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