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Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved.

      Extra Sensory Perception is an umbrella term used to describe all of the ways besides the five senses that can be used to pick up information. In this article, however, I'm going to talk about how to use ESP in the context of the visual images picked up without any divination tools. Furthermore, the context I use here will be with regards to "seeing" images that are accurate portrayals of real life situations, rather than symbolic as in other visual psychic arts.

      If your hunches come as crystal clear pictures in your mind and you've learned to trust them, you may already have a predisposition towards ESP. Developing your skills can take many forms, so I'll describe a few of them here! Developing ESP can begin as a more mundane, memory task. After all, every picture of something that has happened in our heads is a mere memory. Study complex illustrations in a book, then close the book and write down everything that you remember from your mental image. Some of the more important things may jump out at you. This is how it will be if you experience visual ESP. If you wish to develop auditory ESP, have someone read lines out of the book as you repeat them. Your partner should gradually lengthen phrases until your memory improves. Watch a movie scene with a friend and then have each of you write down everything you remember. Pay attention to the differences. This may seem like boring, ordinary tasks. However, in interpreting your ESP visions, you need to be familiar with the way your mind works so that you don't jump to unusual conclusions!

      You can test your ESP with the shapes on standard ESP cards, or you can test it with a regular deck of playing cards. Make sure that you cannot read the expression or tone of voice of any partners you work with. Some people have difficulty starting ESP with objects right away. Have a friend in another room concentrate on one of the cards, creating a very clear picture in his or her mind. Try also having a friend write down a truth and a lie on a piece of paper. Place your hand over the paper and try to "remember" which one is the truth.

      Above all, don't get discouraged if these forms of ESP do not come to you easily. Keep trying, and also explore the more symbolic psychic methods of scrying and other divination methods. Becoming familiar with your right brain's use of symbols will help you pick them out and use them appropriately when you see them in your visions! Bookmark and Share

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