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Alexandra Crystal Ball Gazing

Originally released as, " Alexandra Chauran Crystal Ball Reading" by Faith vs Faith Productions on 3/16/2010. Transcript follows:

Alexandra Chauran Crystal Ball Reading from Collin Joseph Neal on Vimeo.

Alexandra Chauran
Fortune Teller | Seattle
Crystal ball reading

Alexandra Chauran: So, today I'm going to just show you a little example of what a crystal ball reading is like, because that's one thing I do that's a little unique, and I know you've already had a tarot reading once before. And, the way this is going to work is, when you look inside this crystal ball, it's not completely clear. There's a lot of imperfections and occlusions, and I look at them like they're clouds in the sky, and, just as you might see shapes when you look up at the sky, I'll see shapes in here, and each shape has a traditional meaning that is associated with it. But, on top of that, it may have some other meanings that are brought up for you in your own mind, and you can choose to share those or not. So, before we begin, I usually ask: Do you have a topic of focus or a question that you'd like answered by your reading?

Querent: I'm not really sure. I'd like to know about my family, and if things go well and such, I suppose. I did lose someone very recently, not long ago, and so if you have any comments on that or insights...

Alexandra Chauran: Okay, all right, I'm sorry for your loss. So, what I do is I turn the crystal ball and I start looking for different symbols in it, and right away I see a tree with many branches, that's usually a symbol of family because it has deep roots, this particular tree, and associated with the tree is a mushroom, which is very interesting. It shows one of your family members might be kind of needy and you might have to help that family member become more independent. Because, over time, just as a mushroom needs to feed on things, that person might become dependent or might need some help getting more independent from you. I see the capital letter "C," so that might be in somebody's name or in a place, sometimes I see letters, so, just letting you know.

Querent: ... thatís ...

Alexandra Chauran: All right, I see an arrow pointing to the left, which indicates the past, and a looks like a hammer, which represents building something with stability. Sometimes these material symbols mean building up a financial stability for your family or for your life. And what it represents when there's a hammer is, not necessarily keeping it or holding onto it, but using it in a way that is going to be an investment for the future. So this is kind of advising you to look to the past, look to something that you've started in the past but maybe stopped, and then renew that, because that's something that really needs to be followed up on.

      And I see a bird heading to the right. When things head to the right that represents the future. The bird is often a symbol of travel. Since you asked about family, do any of your family members live distant from you that you should see? Because the bird usually represents needing to communicate with those distant family members, and travel there in the future. So, it's going to be really important for you to make those plans.

      I see a sailboat. This is a kind of a common symbol that I see. It's another communication symbol, but since water represents emotions, this kind of represents a more heart-to-heart talk that might you need to have with someone, and it represents a having a deeper, heart-to-heart talk rather than head-to-head. Sometimes, when we talk head-to-head, we just get way over-complicated, you know make things harder than they really have to be. And so this says to get deeper and that there may be some people in your life who encourage you to do that more, and maybe the connection with the person who has passed, that might be an encouragement there. Because water often has to do with people who has passed.

      I also see a flag. This is also a symbol of travel, but it represents other countries. Sometimes this can also represent investigating nationalities, so national heritage. So, that symbol is always really exciting, because I like to travel to different countries. So Iím like, ďoh boy! Somebody gets to travel!Ē

      So, ooh, an apple. Hey, you know that could be something for your career.

Querent: Okay, haha.

Alexandra Chauran: I know that youíre teaching a lot. But the apple also represents a lot of teaching in a lot of different contexts. So, learning deeper lessons, and finding ways to communicate them with others. So, it looks like thereís definitely going to be some more learning for you.

Querent: Always.

Alexandra Chauran: Of course, that always has to happen.

      Let me see if thereís anything else we should see in here. Hmm... I see a little house near the mountains. It might be someplace that is actually real out there, or this might be another symbol. Homes are also a symbol of stability. But this oneís more... Well, since it is on top of a mountain, itís like attaining a peaceful home as this, like, ultimate stability that you need to find. And I think that thereís a kind of a sun floating overhead. This sometimes represents that you can get burnt out if you try to fix everything. Right? And sometimes you can get so focused that, if that one little thing in your life or in your home isnít going right, it might seem like everything is going wrong. And so this is kind of, as a symbol, if the house near the mountain, that doesnít ring a bell for you as a real place, this as a symbol represents needing to kind of spread out a little more and nurture different areas of your life equally a little more, so that youĎre not burning out. Does that make sense?

Querent: Yes.

Alexandra Chauran: All right. Do you have any questions about your reading?

Querent: Tell me more about the house on the hill. Okay, sure, itís still right here, so I can take a look at it. Itís really interesting. Itís this little house. Thereís, like, this long driveway up the hill, and and it looks like a pretty sunny location, and not a whole lot of trees around it though in front. Thereís, like, grass, I think there might be snow there some times of the year, and looks like a very peaceful place as a symbol. So, if itís a symbol, it definitely looks like a place that you would have to take time to attain, you know, because thereís a very long road that gets there. For sure. Sometimes I see these as actual locations. when I describe them, sometimes people think that they sound like a family home. Or even like a dream, like you might want to retire there.

Querent: So, it could be that, but it doesnít have to be that.

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, it doesnít have to be that, though.

Querent: We do have a cabin in the family, so when you..

Alexandra Chauran: Okay.

Querent: And, tell me more about the mushroom.

Alexandra Chauran: Okay, the mushroom is a symbol.... I donít see it a whole lot, but I have seen it before, and the mushroom is a symbol of, like I sid, somebody who is dependent. So, itís not necessarily a bad person at all.

Querent: Right.

Alexandra Chauran: But it it is something that can drain you over time, and so it is something that needs to be stopped, or shifted so that that person has another way to support themselves. Sometimes it can be a financial burden, often times itís just kind of energetic, you know spending a lot of your time and efforts. And so, whenever I do see a mushroom, which Iíve seen before, it usually indicates that you have to draw a line, which can be hard because it may seem cruel because it is never really a bad person with the mushroom.

Querent: Just needs to find their own...

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, needs to kind of find their own stability.

Querent: Well, that was really interesting.

Alexandra Chauran: Good.

Querent: Let me see here. Any more about the bird?

Alexandra Chauran: The bird was sort of in flight, it was a white bird.

Querent: Itís the future, it was going to the right

Alexandra Chauran: It was going to the right and that represents the future. Whenever I see the bird, itís a very communication symbol, since birds have voices that we hear all the time, and, itís also travel, and usually represents distant travel, like over land. Or distant communication, like in this modern time over the telephone or Internet, though, you know as an ancient symbol it might have represented letters.

Querent: So, and did you say something about it connecting with somebody, traveling to somebody...

Alexandra Chauran: Mmm hmm family.

Querent: Itís family.

Alexandra Chauran: Because was flying towards that tree that we saw earlier, so yeah. So, itís a really good symbol that somebody needs to get a phone call who you havenít talked to for a while and a trip needs to be planned.

Querent: So, is there anything you can see about, like you had, we had talked earlier remember about family members and such, and we did lose somebody not too long ago, is there, can you say if thereís any positive, or can you read that in that or not?

Alexandra Chauran: I can...

Querent: ...Just a bit of a positive...

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, sometimes I hesitate with those, because itís sort of a serious thing to bring up.

Querent: Itís a big...

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, and sometimes if you want the positive, and when Iím reading for one on that, I really want them to be prepared for both positive and negative. And if youíre not, it might not yet be the right time for you, you know what I mean.

Querent: Okay...

Alexandra Chauran: Because sometimes I do get some stuff, and Iím not really good at... You know, I donít feel good about doing a reading when I canít tell you all the information that youíd want to know.

Querent: So, okay....

Alexandra Chauran: But I can certainly look in here and tell you any positive things I see, but be aware that there might be some other things that I canít tell you if I feel like you donít want to hear the negative stuff.

Querent: Well, they were lost tragically, so itís, that may be...

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, thatís kind of what I was looking in there, I didnít want to really share, I donít want to share things that happened because, when folks die, sometimes theyíll show some thing that can be kind of disturbing, and that can hurt the grieving process rather than help it, you know.

Querent: And thatís what I was looking for.

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah.

Querent: I was looking for a death of a family memberís.

Alexandra Chauran: So, do you want me to look anything into that t hat might be positive?

Querent: If you can. If you can try, and if you can try to be positive.

Alexandra Chauran: Sure, Iíll look for some positive things, but thereís always a little bit of disturbing stuff, especially if there was a death that was pretty traumatic in the family. I do see a person holding a child, and thereís a horn. Those symbols, when theyíre given from a person who has passed, represents of course love, usually love for a child, literally, and the horn represents a call to action or really wanting that person to continue what theyíre doing or what theyíve been called to do. So, this is a pretty encouraging symbol because it represents love and it represents wanting to support you and to continue supporting family members from the beyond. So, thatís a really good sign because a lot of deceased folks may be pretty hands-off, but this one says you only need to call if you need help, and so, thatís a very positive sign, because it indicates that you know that this person is very supportive of what youíve done.

      And I see also it looks like a man holding a child, is it a male who died? And he looks.... I mean, thereís symbols of strength which are here, and a couple symbols of spring also, itís very interesting thereís like a tulip and a strawberry, too for the summer. So this can represent the coming seasons and sort of signs that you should listen for.

Querent: Growth.

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, growth, and also listening for that call. Itís almost like the horn represents communication from both sides. Like, you need to call out when you want that person from, you know, the other side to communicate with you. Sometimes, especially in your dreams, you might want to ask for this person to appear in your dreams if youíre comfortable with that. Because, you know, the number one reason they donít is because they donít want to freak you out. Right? So, if you just say openly, you know, ďitís not going to freak me out, Iím open to this, especially if you appear in my dreams and not, you know, in my mirror or something!Ē Then, that would be great. And, so, it looks like youíve got some positive symbols of support. Thereís definitely love there still.

Querent: Good, good, well very good thank you.

Alexandra Chauran: Yeah. Good, Iím glad I could offer you that. Anything else, any other questions for you?

Querent: I could ask a lot but, I think that was the one that just seemed to zero-in when we talked the other day and I thought ďI need to just ask that.Ē

Alexandra Chauran: Good, Iím glad that you did. And thank you for trusting me to read for you.

Querent: Thank you, it was very interesting.

Alexandra Chauran
Fortune Teller
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