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Why Blog About Your Reading?

  • Processing your reading right now is a good spiritual practice! The insights you have now are important for later reflection, and some enigmatic meanings may become crystal clear over time! Creating a journal of your readings allows you to truly integrate the messages into your being, instead of letting them go in one ear and out the other!
  • You may already have a record of your reading if you received it by chat or email or took notes (if you don't have a record, that's all the more reason to write one), and you are welcome to quote me as long as you credit me as the author or speaker! Blogging about your fortune telling experience is a sure-fire cure for writer's block! It may also create a stir with the friends who read your blog! You may find that others you may never have suspected of being fans of such readings will pipe up and say they share this in common with you!
  • Your post will create traffic for your blog! If you link to my high-traffic web-site, your own web-site will climb higher in Google rankings. You'll also have highly Search Engine Optimized words built into your post due to the popularity of my industry. Also, if you notify me that you've blogged about me, I may gladly spread the word on your behalf! (See example blog posts: "My Novel Gets a Tarot Reading" by Nan Hawthorne, Life. You Can't Make This Crap Up by Mary and "Alexandra - The Art of Fortune Telling" by Denise Doherty)
  • Traditionally, the good work of fortune tellers has always been spread by word of mouth, and my mother tells me that the best clients are the ones referred by my already trusted clients! Spreading the word about quality readers will help build respect for those who do right by you. So please, tell your friends on social networks and in real life! Bookmark and Share
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