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Beating The Dead Horse

Written by Alexandra Chauran. Copyright(c) 2008, PsychicRx, all rights reserved. Originally published on 6/20/2008 in PsyBlog.

      If you've ever asked the same person the same question twice in the same day, you're not crazy, you're not stupid and you're not alone! If you're asking the question to several psychics or the same psychic in one day, the same is still true, but you're not necessarily getting the best bang for your buck, or even more clarity! To understand why this is true, you'll need to know a bit about the metaphysical mechanics of divination.

      Hermes Trismegistus popularized a phrase that struck a chord with divination professionals everywhere; "As above - So Below." The theory is that the universe is full of repeating yet chaotic patterns like fractals. If you look close-up at a tiny curl of a fractal represented in a crystal ball or a teacup, you can also zoom out to view the same curls and loops on a much larger scale in the life of a person. In the same way, the grand dance of the stars above can mirror our miniscule actions on Earth. So why might multiple readings on the same subject in the same period of time yield different answers?

      Part of the reason is purely scientific. Heizenberg's uncertainty principle is a complicated way of saying that when you measure anything, you change it. Sticking a thermometer in a piece of meat will change the temperature of the meat, if only very slightly. Likewise, when you get a reading, you are able to change your life, since that's the whole point of the thing! Each moment is a choice, and those choices are changing your life as you read this sentence. Instead of getting multiple readings on the same question, it is best to clearly make your choice and then move on to the next decision!

      Relying on multiple readers for a more clear picture might seem smart, but it is counterproductive. There is a South Asian story about six men examining an elephant. One feels the leg and decides the animal is like a pillar, one feels the trunk proclaiming the elephant is like a tree branch, the one at the tail says it is like a rope, one at the ear believes it is like a fan, and one a the belly believes it to be a wall. Just as all scientific tools are calibrated differently, you may find even your most trusted psychics to differ in their answers. Like a scientist uses the same tool to detect a change before and after an experiment, a better way to use us is to pick one psychic for a particularly complicated issue, so that he or she can stand back and look at the whole picture as well as carefully examine the details you wish. Bookmark and Share

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