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Discovery - Confirmation - Empowerment

"Your feet walk upon the Earth and through this your spirit is connected to the universe. Our feet are our contact with the Earth and the energies that flow through it."

-Cherokee "Moonmaiden" Jenny Wallace

      Here lies a collection of articles that may be of interest to those who seek divination or interweave spirituality with the act of going barefoot. Have a cup of tea while you wait for this page to load, as I am a prolific writer!


Photo of Alexandra Chauran by Kyle Cassidy
Photo by Kyle Cassidy

        A Helping Hand With Palm Readers
      Am I Pregnant?
      An Elephant In The Bedroom
      Are You Two Meant To Be?
      Asking The Right Questions
      Aura Drawings
      Beating The Dead Horse
      Buzzing In The Garden - How To Listen To What Nature Is Telling You
      Clairvoyant Readings
      Coincidence? I Think Not!
      Conversational Hypnosis
      Crystal Ball Gazing
      Cutting The Cord
      Feeling Trapped
      Fitness Forecasts
      Five Signs Your Ex Still Cares For You
      Frauds And Scammers
      Going Green
      Career Horoscopes
      Hearing With Your Brain More Than Your Ears
      How To Get A Guy Back
      How To Keep A Proper Dream Journal
      How To Keep A Tarot Journal
      Is There Such Thing As A Soul-Mate?
      I've Got My Way With Feng Shui
      Knowing About Knowing
      Letting Go - The Loss Of A Pet
      Let Your Ex Miss You
      Living the Dream: A Pagan Career
      Love By Numbers
      How To Be Lucky In Love
      Managing Money
      New York, New York, It's A Spiritual Town!
      Not All Psychics are Created Equal
      Ouija Board
      Pagan and Crazy
      Pendulum Dowsing
      Pets And Psychics - What Are They Thinking?
      Psychic Addiction
      Rainy Day Readings
      Should I? - What The Magic 8-Ball Isn't Telling You
      Spiritual Meaning of Numbers
      Striking It Rich
      Summer Psychic Parties
      Take The End Relationship Quiz
      Tea Leaf Readings
      The Family That Reads Horoscopes Together
      The Other Side
      Time On The Dime
      What Can You Do With Ten Bucks?
      What's Your Type
      What The Tarot Can Tell
      Writing With Two Under Two
      Why Don't Psychics Win The Lotto?
      Your Life Under The Stars

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