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A Day In My Shoes

By Team Awesome, directed by Mike Denman. Originally broadcast on on 12/16/2009. On 12/21/2009, this video became one of the top 50 finalists in the Nikon Festival.

Aaron Anderson: Let me walk you through a day in my shoes. I always start off the morning with a nice glass of tea. Hey, thanks. And then breakfast usually ends with a bang. Now, I work for a video production company so, it can be pretty difficult waking up in the morning. I'm not a morning person. The thing I love about my job is that it's never the same thing twice. It's always something new, something fresh, something different. I love the people that you meet, like these guys, I don't even know where they come from. Nonetheless it's always something new, always something different, and I love what I do. Now, there's always someone new to meet, always something new to do, always something new to learn. Sorry, man. And my calendar is the thing that's the most difficult. In fact, I think that I have my niece's birthday today.

All: Happy Birthday!

Photo of Alexandra Chauran by Joe Lambert
(Fortune Teller, Alexandra Chauran appears stage right, 0:50 seconds in.)

Aaron Anderson: At five-o-clock if I remember correctly. Nonetheless, once I get my life together, it all really falls into place. But the thing that I enjoy the most is when I actually get to come home and just actually relax, by myself, usually with my family. Have a nice glass of warm milk and call it an evening. So, join me next time, 'cause every day is just the same. Bookmark and Share

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